SkinShine Specification

IPL+RF Specification

Bipolar RF+IPL with changeable filters
Spot size: 8 X 40mm / 12 X 30mm / 12 X 45mm
IPL energy: 10-50J/cm2
IPL wavelength:420/530/560/585/640/690/755mm
RF energy:1-100J/cm3
RF level:1-8level

Monopolar RF & Bipolar RF Specification

RF energy: 1-100J
RF Hz: 1-10MHz
RF level: 1-8 level

Changeable Tips and Return Pad

Monopolar RF Tips:
5mm(small parts),15mm(periorbital parts),23mm(neck,face,upper arm)
32mm(face,upper arm, body),40mm(body)

Bipolar RF Tips:
15mm(periorbital parts)
Monopolar RF Return Pad:
(semiparmanently available)

Operation Interface (8.4 inch touch screen)